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Sukuna’s Voice Actor is Taking a Break in 2024

It is reported that Junichi Suwabe is taking a break at the start of next year. The break will only be for 2-3 weeks due to health issues.

Sukuna’s voice actor, from Jujutsu Kaisen, announced from his agency’s website that he will take a short break starting in 2024. Suwabe has voiced many well-known characters such as Aizawa from “My Hero Academia”, Yami from “Black Clover”, Grimmjow from “Bleach”, Archer from “Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel”, Shirou Emiya from “Fate/Stay Night (2004) ” and so many more!

 Junichi Suwabe apologized to everyone who were looking forward to his appearance in “Premier Music Reading Drama VOICARION”. He will continue with his appearances till the end of 2023.

He states in his blog that he has no problems eating or drinking. His doctor says it’s not a serious disease and advises the sooner he takes care of his health issues, the sooner he’ll undergo surgery. 

It’s very competitive being a voice actor as the occupation has grown exponentially in popularity the last 2 decades. According to Hiroshi Ohtake, only one in a hundred can make it and one in a thousand can do it without having a side job.

With so much competition and so little roles to accommodate everyone, there’s not enough food to go around the table. So instead of anime, they might do other gigs like doing TV narration, radio shows, etc. Some just straight up retire and leave the anime voice acting industry, like Risa Kubato who has done voice acting for only 8 years. If it already extremely difficult finding those roles for nonpopular anime, just imagine the competition for well known ones.

Despite this, Suwabe is still headstrong about returning his acting roles as soon as he’s back in health.

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