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Nanami’s Voice Actor Ventures into Dramas and Movies

According to Oricon news, Kenjiro Tsuda, the voice actor for Nanami in “Jujutsu Kaisen” is working on 5 dramas and 2 movies, in addition to his voice-acting roles (2023). 

Kenjiro Tsuda is a renowned voice actor in the anime industry who has voiced numerous iconic characters. Some recognizable characters that he voiced were: Hannes from “Attack on Titan”, Tatsu from “The Way of the Househusband”, Overhaul from “My Hero Academia”, Atomic Samurai from “One Punch Man”, Seto Kaiba from “Yu-gi-oh!”, and so many more!

Kenjiro started to take mainstream acting seriously when he debuted in the Japanese drama “Beloved” in 2021. This isn’t uncommon to see as Junichi Suwabe was going to perform in “Premier Music Reading Drama VOICARION”. As we all know, voice acting and traditional acting demand different skill sets and are very distinct in comparison. 

Traditional acting is more than the actor’s voice. It requires the mastery of the person’s facial expressions, body language, and movement.

Since voice actors solely rely on one medium, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see their voice acting be better than traditional actors. They use their imagination to see how their character feels, which requires their voices to be highly versatile with their vocal range and abilities. However, with Kenjiro Tsuda’s iconic deep, and unique voice, it might work well depending on the role he plays and how fast he can learn the ways of traditional acting

 Juggling all of his responsibilities from voice acting to promoting his photobook, Kenjiro still looks forward to the challenges ahead. As reported on Oricon News, he’s aware of his shortcomings and is determined to practice traditional acting to hone these skills (2023).


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